Performex Training Facility

Performex is situated in the heart of the Cairns CBD. Our facility spans over 2 levels of the Palm Court building at 34 Lake St and can cater to almost any training style.

There are two main training levels.

The Jungle level is where you’ll find free-weights, plate-weight and traditional cable machines along with select cardio equipment. You’ll also find a full range of functional equipment like power bags, kettle bells, bumper plates, battle ropes and full size rig. The beats are always pumping in the Jungle and if you like to train hard you’ll be right at home in this area. You will also find our reception and coffee shop Gunshot Cafe (c) here so all your questions will be answered and your caffeine addiction will be attended to.

Our Penthouse area is at the very top of our building. The music is quieter, the treadmills are directly in front of the main air-conditioner and you’ll have a roof top view. You’ll find a full range of equipment in this are also so feel free to use both area relative to how your feeling at the time. On our top level you’ll also find our spacious bike studio where we hold a range of indoor cycle classes. We have approximately 30 participant spin bikes that are set out with room to move and you’ll have a city to sky view of Cairns (that’s an actual view… not a picture on the wall!)

Our group fitness studio is found on level one. Great sounding music, plenty of room to move with class sizes that won’t make you feel like the proverbial sardine!

Whatever your training style, mood or wishes… we’ve got you covered.