Membership Cancellation Request

Oh come on now… say it aint so? This is like the worst thing ever…

You What? You want to cancel? Are you sure? This is terrible news!!!

If there is anything we can do to keep you on board... or get you back on track please let us know because we are always happy to help... if there is no swaying your decision, please complete the form below to start the cancellation process. (You will need to answer ALL questions below)

First Name

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Date of first notice to cancel (Today's Date):

Why do you feel you need to cancel your membership with us?

Cancellation Fees:

All Performex memberships have a 30 day notice period from the day you submit your cancellation request. Your final direct debit payment will be a combined $ amount of the following:

  • Pro Rata: The membership payment to cover the 30 notice period = (your fortnightly fee / 14) X 30.
  • Cancellation Fee: This amount will never be higher than $75. If a lesser rate was agreed it would have been discussed and noted when you originally signed up. Never fear, we will honour any previously agreed cancellation fee amount.

I understand and accept that all cancellation fees (as set out above) will be direct debited from my nominated account anytime within 30 days from my "date of first notice to cancel" (today).

I also understand the terms that have been set out above and am aware that I will be allowed access to Performex for the duration of the 30 day notice period.

Soon after submitting this form you will receive an email confirming your request. Please save this email as proof of your cancellation date. Should anything need to change or differ from what is set out above we will email you directly to advise.