Membership Suspension Request

So you need some time off? No worries.

Fill out the form below so we get all the details correct, read the info about how it all works and then click on the submit button. If there's any dramas, or we require more info we'll be in touch via the email you have used for this form.

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Date of first notice to suspend (Today's Date):

First date of suspension (the first day you won't be able to utilise Performex):

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Reason for suspension:

Suspension Fees:

Within every Performex membership we allow a maximum of 31 days suspension at a rate of 0.50c per day this is an annual allowance that rolls over (refreshes and starts again from zero on the 12 month anniversary of your membership start date) every year. Unused suspension time can not be rolled over into following years etc.

The 0.50c per day fee will be calculated automatically and withdrawn from your nominated account on the usual direct debit dates.

Any suspension extensions past the 31 day limit will be allowed at the discretion of Performex management.

If more time is needed for medical reasons i.e. injury, illness, pregnancy, family emergency etc suspension approval will be given so long as appropriate paperwork is supplied (Doctor's Certificate etc)

Do you require more than 31 day's suspension? Please explain below:

Upload your Doctor's Certificate (or other document) here:

I understand and accept that all suspension fees (as set out above) will be direct debited from my nominated account at anytime during my suspension.

I also understand the terms that have been set out above and am aware that I will be NOT allowed access to Performex for the duration of my requested suspension period.

Soon after submitting this form you will receive an email confirming your request. Please save this email as proof of your suspension request. Should anything need to change or differ from what is set out above we will email you directly to advise. Oh and if you do want to return to training earlier than expected, just send us an email to and we'll re-activate your access key for you. Too easy!